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Markham Theatre for Performing Arts Case Study


"We wanted a product that was safer, more energy efficient and still aesthetically pleasing."

-Scott Hill,
Markham Theatre's facility and production manager

Markham Theatre
for Performing Arts
Markham, Ontario Canada


Built in 1985, Markham Theatre for Performing Arts provides the community with a venue that presents a wide range of entertainment, from community groups and local schools to professional attractions. The facility is home to outstanding presentations by Markham Little Theatre, Markham Concert Band, Markham Youth Theatre and many others. Markham Theatre has 530 seats, all within 60 feet (20 meters) of the stage. Art exhibitions are shown monthly in the theatre's spacious lobby.


When the Markham Theatre decided to replace its carpeting, it also decided to upgrade its supplementary and emergency lighting system. The goal was to install a system that not only enhances the safety of the theatre's patrons, but also offers a 'green' solution that saves energy and reduces expenses.


After carefully reviewing potential solutions, Markham Theatre replaced its existing fiber optic lighting system with Ecoglo photoluminescent stair nosings and also installed non-slip strips in the lobby. "We wanted a product that was safer, more energy efficient and still aesthetically pleasing," said Scott Hill, the Markham Theatre's facility and production manager. "Ecoglo met all our criteria and offered a greener solution that gives us a noticeable energy savings." Ecoglo photoluminescent stair nosings replaced three fiber optic fixtures in the theatre, saving a total of 450 watts of electricity an hour, or more than one million watts a year.

"Ecoglo is a better and safer solution because the step edges glow in the dark, even if we have a power outage," Hill said. "It looks great and works very well."

Darkened theaters can be dangerous, especially immediately after the lights go down. But Ecoglo is a fail-safe product using a photoluminescent pigment in its contrast strips that glow brightly in the dark for many hours, safely guiding patrons up and down steps. There are no bulbs to replace, no additional energy used and no electrical problems. In addition, the anti-slip mat incorporated into Ecoglo products helps reduce slips, trips and falls. And the hard-wearing material stands up to high-volume foot traffic. Ecoglo contrast strips also can be used for outdoor applications as they have high UV resistance, all-weather slip resistance and provide high step-edge contrast for light, dim or dark conditions.

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