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Emergency Lighting Systems

Keep your building or office secure with emergency lighting systems from Ecoglo

In an urgent situation, knowing your office or building is outfitted with emergency lighting systems can make the difference in safely finding the exit.  Emergency lighting systems not only keep your building noticeably secure, they provide you with peace of mind knowing you’ve taken preventative measures to ensure your building is safe. Ecoglo’s line of emergency lighting systems, including stair nosings, signs, and guidance and handrail strips, are perfect for any dimly lit stadium, auditorium or staircase.
The emergency lighting systems charge throughout the day and are still visible for many hours after the lights are off.
Ecoglo’s emergency lighting systems incorporate photoluminescent technology—an environmentally friendly process that absorbs natural and artificial light and then readmits as a highly visible glow.
Emergency lighting systems from Ecoglo cover all areas of building code safety:

  • Ecoglo’s Guidance and Handrail Strips have strong anti-slip capabilities.
  • The Step Edge Contrast Strips are designed to reduce falls and help you move confidently in the dark.
  • Stair Nosings cover steps and stairs to provide protection from falls.
  • The Egress and Emergency Signage products provide maximum visibility throughout any room and perform just as well in the dark as they do in the light.  The signs are designed to meet criteria for building codes across the globe and be installed in any environment or setting.

Safety and serenity can be yours with Ecoglo’s emergency lighting systems. Order online now!

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