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George M. Holmes Convocation Center Case Study


"...it allows us to dim the lights and still lets our patrons see where they are going."

-Jason Parker,
director of the Holmes Convocation Center

George M. Holmes
Convocation Center
Boone, North Carolina


The George M. Holmes Convocation Center has served as the cornerstone of the Appalachian State University campus in Boone, North Carolina, since it opened its doors in 2000. The 200,840-square foot facility was designed by Corley Redfoot Zack, Inc., of Chapel Hill and houses Seby B. Jones Arena, which serves as the home for the Mountaineer men's and women's basketball programs as well as volleyball and indoor track and field squads.

The 8,334-seat, multi-purpose arena also hosts community and cultural events, graduation and convocation ceremonies, trade shows and concerts. The Holmes Convocation Center holds the distinction of being the site of the first U.S. installation of Ecoglo photoluminescent way-finding systems.


Shortly after the Holmes Convocation Center opened, operators discovered that it was difficult to stage events that required low lighting because the existing overhead lighting system had limited settings, resulting in either too much or too little light. The challenge was to retrofit the facility with supplementary lighting, and do it as economically as possible.


The Holmes Convocation Center turned to Ecoglo for a cost-effective solution that would allow the arena to drop its lighting but still provide a safe environment for its patrons. The arena's management team decided to install Ecoglo's photoluminescent stair nosings and aisle markers to provide just the right amount of supplementary lighting.

"We've been very satisfied with Ecoglo because it allows us to dim the lights and still lets our patrons see where they are going," said Jason Parker, director of the Holmes Convocation Center. "From a cost standpoint, Ecoglo was a much cheaper alternative than installing additional electrical lighting. While the cost savings was the tipping point for us, we also appreciate the fact that Ecoglo doesn't require any additional energy."

Ecoglo represents the latest in way-finding lighting systems. Ecoglo's energy-efficient stair nosings emit a steady, highly visible green glow that guides people safely in any type of building. And the aisle markers make it easy for patrons to find their seats.

Working equally well in light, dark and dim conditions, Ecoglo stair nosings and aisle markers increase the efficiency of ushers and make it easier for patrons to go to concession stands or other facilities. The photoluminescent material is highly visible,
but will not disrupt performers on the stage.

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